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My friends the time has come for me to share some of my favorite sounds that I have "gathered" while surfing the internet!

This will no doubt be a long drawn out process as I sort through soooo much good problem being... what I dearly love one moment may irritate me to no end the next! (Did I mention that everything I do and enjoy is just so dependant on my mood and I am a very moody person!) LOL

At any rate...I am going to start picking through my collection of midis to always, I welcome any input as to what your likes and dislikes may be in my pursuit of growth in the cyber world.
I should also mention that these midis are in no particular order since I am quite ignorant when it come to music...artist...even names of songs. All I am sure of is that if I like it at the moment...I listen to it!

Below you will find a few midis I consider good sounds
Please yourself... and let me know if you are looking for something...
I may have it buried somewhere

To listen just left click on the file you want to hear...To download, place the cursor on the midi you want...right click...and go to save link as

rayblues just blue Since I've Been
Lovin You
Baby Grand Blues 2
Round Midnight Blues Hairless Heart Still Got the Blues Being There
Black Beauty Bizet Ava Maria Canon d Clardilun
If I Ever
Lose My Faith
In You
Firth of Fifth Furedilise Gangsta's Paradise Hairless heart
Largo Liebestr Long Winding Road Pachbel Peace
Rule the World Stairway to Heaven Tainted Love Tears in Heaven Tocatta
The Great Gig Shine On You
Crazy Diamond
Claudy Georgia On
My Mind

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