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It has become quite evident that the more links I accumulate, the slower my pages load. Sooooooo the time has come for my links to have a place of their own to reside.Hopefully you will find something here to suit your taste.
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yl_diam.gif - 0.94 K Lamplighters Home Page  (Recovery On Line)
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ball.gif - 1.65 K AA-LAMPS chat room  (Links to take you to an AA Chat Room and Meeting Schedule)

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wh_diam.gif - 0.94 K Visit Shop7.Com  (AGreat Place To Begin Your Shopping on the Internet!)

burgess-logo.jpg - 9568 Bytes Dave Burgess "Award Winning" Violin Maker

ball.gif - 1.65 K Hwy 1 Big Sur  (Custom Built Computers,Weather Info, Ham Radios Links, Points of Interest in the Area)

cy_diam.gif - 0.94 K Doc's Ever Changing Home Page  This is a real favorite of mine!

ball.gif - 1.65 K Jackson,Michigan Home Page  (My Home Town)

cy_diam.gif - 0.94 K PAGEHOST A to Z   (List your URL for FREE!)

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