Are your pets special to you?

My Buddy boy is as spoiled as the day is long
Buddy lives with me now. He first moved in when a bully cat was picking on him and he needed sanctuary
Sweetie-Pie just loves to play
Sweetie-Pie was coming in for short visits and somehow never left one day
Jade simply loved to be loved and no amount of attention was too much for her
Jade came to my house shortly after the death of my husband.
(I was not a cat person prior to that)
She taught me that a cat can be a wonderful companion. I lost her to cancer a couple years ago and she will always be missed.

Below is a link to the new photo album I have started of my cats.
Not all of these live with me,
(most do) :-),
but they have all been a part of my life at one time or still are in some way.
If you click on the link it will open a new window to
My Furbabes Photo Album

Please come back to visit soon.
It's always a pleasure to know someone dropped by!

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